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Reforming Politics: The Argument for Nuclear Power
Reforming Capitalism: Rent Seeking, Laissez-Faire, State Capitalism
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Reforming Politics:  Democratic Moral Decline , Democracy vs Technocracy
Philosophy: Steve Jobs - Philosophy, Psychology, & Lessons for Corporate America
Philosophy & Religion: The Problem Of EvilRick Santorum & Fire and Brimstone
Newspaper Stories: Desmond Tutu on Capitalism , Aristophanes and Armando Iannucci
History: Crisis effect on Socialism, Capitalism, Democracy , Strange Death Western Liberalism
Eurozone Crisis: Introduction May 2010 , How To Reform the Eurozone, Oct 2011
Technology: Windows Phone 7 , Windows 8 & Gut Feel Thinking , The History of GUI Computing
Dummies Guide: Plato's Utopia , Plato on Democratic Moral Decline

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Lessons of 2013, Thoughts for 2014
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Confucius Quote: Three evolutionary paths
Esoteric Gepolitics: Why it might be Germany not China that saves the world
Learning the dark arts: The Guardian, Telegraph & FT debate George Osborne's latest speech
Save the world: Letter To Will Hutton Re Royal Mail
Save the world: Letter to European Commissioner Neelie Kroes
Platonism: What role should greed play in our lives & Plato's Three Parts Of Soul
Justice: Understanding Justice in the Banking Crisis
Justice: Apple Tax, Rules vs Principles, Justice
Economics: New Economic Models
Tech: Google's ugly geeky GUI violates form follows function and imitation of the good man
Philosophy: Plato Parmenides, Some notes, Part One
EU Politics: Spiegel on Italian Elections
UK/EU Politics: Simon Nixon, The balance of power between Democracy vs Technocracy
UK/EU Politics: Chares Moore, Analysis of David Cameron's EU Referendum Speech
UK/EU Politics: Should the UK leave the EU? Should the UK have a referendum?
Lessons of 2012, Future 2013 - My Christmas / New Year Summary
Chinese Politics: Bo Xilai & The Rule Of Law
Chinese Politics: The People's Daily And Boris Johnson Do Battle On The Field Of Cultural Forces
Economics & Ethics: The  Libor Scandal
Cultural Forces: Peggy Noonan, Andrew Klavan, Television, Idealism
UK Politics: Policy Exchange says build garden cities to promote growth (Jul 2012)
UK Politics: Dear FT, please save the UK by writing about housing projects! (Nov 2011) 
UK Politics: Osborne's spending cuts, why they won't work (Oct 2010)
UK Politics: Tony Blair's Journey book review (Sep 2010)
UK Politics: New Politics with Cameron & Clegg in the rose garden (May 2010)
UK Politics: Is Nick Clegg Obama and why did David Yelland drink? (Apr 2010)
Eurozone Crisis: Simon Nixon: Europe needs leaders with balls (Jun 2012)
Eurozone Crisis: World waits for Greek exit (May 2012)
Eurozone Crisis: Roger Bootle: Failed policies drive revolutionary spring (May 2012)
Eurozone Crisis: Greek Exit in the News (April 2012)
Eurozone Crisis: ECB's Free Money drives inequality (Dec 2011)
Eurozone Crisis: Political strategy for saving union (Oct 2011)
Eurozone Crisis: Economic strategy for reviving growth (Sep 2011)
Eurozone Crisis: Justice & Dominique Strauss-Kahn & Greece (May 2011)
Eurozone Crisis: Anatole Kaletsky: Score is Europeans 4, Anglo Saxons 0 (May 2011)
Eurozone Crisis: Introduction to the Crisis (May 2010)
Eurozone Crisis: What to do about Greece (Dec 2009)
FT Readers Debate: Role of religion in Politics
FT Readers Debate: Rick Santorum's Fire and Brimstone
Philosophy & Sophistry: Plato's Gorgias and Modern Journalism
Eurozone Crisis - "Blame the Great Men" & "Dad you were right" at the Financial Times
Economic & Ethics: It's Morally Wrong To Pay Tradesmen In Cash
The Mechanics Of Human Thinking - Body & Surface & Intellectual Decline
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